Fleet Fueling Services

Caicos Oil Ltd Fleet Fueling Services provides your company’s fleet with Diesel (ULSD) and Gasoline, day or night.
Accurate and dependable service are the most costly components of our business,
thus increasing our productivity and providing significant cost savings to our customers.

Diesel (Ultra Low Sulfur)

Gasoline Rec 90 – Marine Grade,  Non-Ethanol

Gasoline  89 – Mid Grade 10% Ethanol

Gasoline Premium (93) 10% Ethanol 

We offer these services in convenient 1,200 and 2,000 US Gal Aluminum Tank Fleet Trucks  filtered by Velcon ACO-51201L Fuel Filter.

Customized Service To Meet Your Needs

  • Scheduled fueling services Monday to Saturday
  • Emergency fueling services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Cuts miscellaneous charges on company credit cards
  • Equipment is fueled and ready when employees return to work
  • Fuel directly into your equipment
  • Generator fueling
  • Eliminate need for on-site fuel tank storage

Companies Who Benefit

  • Operations at strip centers and leased properties
  • Construction sites
  • Equipment operators on small job sites
  • Companies requiring generator fueling
  • Companies who fuel refrigeration units
  • Companies with temporary job sites
  • Truck fleets of any size
  • Companies whose vehicles are parked overnight in one central location

Now is a perfect opportunity for Fleet Fueling customers

Information Captured

  • Vehicle Identification Numbers
  • Type and Grade of Product per Vehicle
  • Gallons Per Vehicle
  • Time Vehicles were filled
  • Total Gallons By Product for the Stop