Caicos Oil Ltd. is the Turks and Caicos Island's largest independent marketer of  fuel products, logistics and other services, including the designing and building of custom bulk depots. Caicos Oil Ltd. provides its services through a number of commercial and industrial depots and seaports nationwide. The Company is also expanding into the automotive fuel station market and provides a full line of lubricants.

We are a multi-faceted energy company. Our products range from Diesel and Gasoline to Motor Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Gear Oil, Outboard Engine Oil, Grease and other specialty products.


Caicos Oil was established in 2003 to provide an alternative energy company that is both reliable and price competitive. We recognized the need for another fuel provider and are pleased to say that we have grown in a short period of time, to be able to fill the gap that existed in the market.

Our Goal

Caicos Oil Ltd. recognizes the need for affordable energy. Our method of fuel transportation has enabled us to accomplish this. Through the use of ISO Tanks, we are able to deliver products to the market on time, safe and cost effective. Our pricing reflects the daily movement of oil prices in the international market therefore, offering savings to you when market prices are favorable.

Our rapid growth in the market has not only reflected the need for cheaper fuel but also service on demand, which has become our trademark. We are directly responsible for the supply of most of the major consumer accounts here in the islands, ranging from heavy equipment operators, asphalt plants to service stations. We are most proud of our marine branch which fuel a great portion of the mega yachts navigating our waters.

Caicos Oil currently supply, gasoline, diesel and other products to our consumers in the majority of the developed islands and to those that are in the process of being developed.

It is our pleasure to serve your energy needs. Our commitment to you and our new customers remains the same - to provide excellent service, on demand, at the most competitive price.



Caicos Oil Ltd, P.O. Box 653 South Dock Road, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands, BWI
PHONE: 649-941-7872/7873; MOBILE: 649-332-6393 FAX: 649-941-7874; E-MAIL: